Established in 2013, Make A Difference 2020, a non-profit 501 (c-3) working to identify best practices to inspire youth in low-income communities to change their "FUTURE-Self Narrative" to work within Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Fields of Study and work.  Discovering the Undiscovered!

VEX-IQ Robotic TEAM Coach / Mentors

Are you the kind of person that enjoys helping young people in discovering the wonderments of our world; seeing how things work, and how they fit in to what's going on around them? If so, partnering with us to become a VEX-IQ Robotics Coach and Mentor, will be an experience you won't forget and you may find yourself telling and inspiring others to participate too.  

Please Email: or call (434) 760-8933 to express your interest. 


Volunteer Opportunities

  • USMA at West Point
  • West Point Society of Richmond
  • Norfolk Public Schools
  • Richmond Public Schools
  • Harrisonburg Redevelopment Housing Authority
  • Hampton Redevelopment Housing Authority
  • CCDC Fox Hill, LLC - Hampton, VA
  • Army Research Lab
  • Norfolk Redevelopment Housing Authority
  • Staunton Redevelopment Housing Authority
  • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Virginia Police Athletic League
  • VEX Robotics

Our Mission

Our Partners

Our Vision

Robotic Competitions for  STEM-Scholars

VA-STEM Innovation Network February 22, 2014 Event at VCU- Richmond, VA.