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Feb. 22, 2014 VCU, Richmond, VA  Training The Trainer and Robotics with USMA

 West Point Society of Richmond, Norfolk, Hampton and Richmond Schools their respective Housing Authorities/Housing Partners.

"connecting people today, to the opportunities of tomorrow"

All of our STEM activities are designed to incorporate peer to peer activities and challenges that are fun for all.  Using Robotics and STEM activities in a competitive and collaborative way, allows all to contribute and learn while having fun too. 

For many of our young learners in America, creating new learning environments and experiences outside the typical classroom setting, sets in motion, a NEW FUTURE-SELF NARRATIVE, unimagined before. 

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"discovering the undiscovered "

through our STEM Innovation Networks

Because our overhead is low, and we are a non-profit organization, we typically raise the funds needed to support our STEM-Scholars in collaboration with our partners /members of our STEM Innovation Networks. 

FUN while Learning!

How Much does it cost?

Creating New Environments!